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Mindful Leader Interview - Lukasz Wiercinski


Patrick Kozakiewicz

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I recently held a 6 question mindful leader interview with Lukasz Wiercinski who is Head of Technology Center at Roche, has over 10 years experience in leading teams and is quite the mindful leader I may add.

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You can listen to the full interview via our podcast or you can read the main conversation highlights below.

What are the biggest problems we face as leaders today?

Well, probably, there are a couple of things in the context of our discussion about the mindful leadership. There are two things that are coming to my mind. The first one is the multitude of everything that is around us, the amount of e-mails, information, projects, etc., managing all of that, being able to focus through all of that is a big problem leaders face.

The second problem for leaders is handling change. Change is the only constant and it is more rapid than ever. The change cycles are faster and faster. If leaders can't keep up with the change, it's a big problem. 




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Your favorite quote, credo or mantra?

"I'm the best version of myself"

For me, Kobe Bryant was one of these sports figured I was looking up to when I was growing up. Kobe always wanted to be the best version of himself, you know, to look in the mirror and say, I'm the best version of myself." I might not be as big or as quick, or as physically gifted as some others, but I will work upon what I have and keep growing. And this is something that resonates with me that when I look in the mirror I also want to be able to say truthfully that to myself. 







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What is mindful leadership and why is it important

Mindful leadership is all about focus. Focus on on what's here, focus on the team, focus on yourself and on bringing value to growth and change.

In a world that is shinny and nice, filled with so many distractions, so much stimulus and change, being in control of your focus is key.

Focus is the foundation of being mindful, and most benefits come from that.





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If you could live in any period in time, past or future. Where would you want to live, and why?

A friend and I had a thorough discussion about this not too long ago. While, it would be nice to have the same knowledge I have right now and move to 2000. I like here and now. There is so much happening now, so much change, so much advancements in technology, in medicine, in our knowledge.  

The only different option, but not for a full livelihood but would only to have a glimpse of how 100 or 200 years looks like from now.

Yet, the world could be so different that I might not even know how to open a door. 





How does one become a more mindful leader?

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Like Buddha. Haha. 

Joking aside. I would say it is all about self-awareness. Reflect upon yourself, your thoughts, emotions, actions, the environment. Getting a wholistic view of yourself is the aim. Learn more about yourself by knowing your strengths and weaknesses. The more you learn, the more you practice and grow self-awareness the better.

Tips from Lukasz:

1. Ask 5 people that know you best, to describe you in their own words. You will quickly get an understanding of who you are, your brand, your persona.

2. Look at you, your actions, your encounters from all sorts of different perspectives, different vantage points to learn more about yourself.

3. Practice meditation during active exercises, like swimming, biking, running, etc.





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Final Suggestions  /  Recommendations

1. Unplug yourself - Go away from technology for a few hours, a few days, a few weeks etc. throughout the year. 
Even go for a silent meditation retreat.

2. Read - Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.








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For more of Lukasz please find the link below:

LinkedIn: Lukasz Wiecinski